Support and FAQs

How to add students and teachers

Teachers and students can be added to the database one at at time, as needed. Student details can be imported in bulk from a spreadsheet.

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Issues with PIN emails

What to do if PIN emails are blocked by your email service.

Installing on a school network

The easiest way to install the app of a PC is via the Microsoft store but this is not always possible.

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About the "Encryption Key"

Schools choose an encryption key when the account is setup to allows them to control of data. This is used to encrypt the names of students so that only teachers with this key can read the names of students.

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Why is there a sync button?

The app uses a sync button to connect to the servers. This means student are in control of their internet usage and when connections are made.

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Multiple Schools in one account?

The core of the app is designed to support multiple schools sharing an account. However this is not available at the moment. The current recommendation would be to have one account per school. If necessary, an admin can have more than one account logged-in on their device. Please contact us if you have any queries about this.

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