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Homework and revision programmes


Your School:

Teachers: Quickly set revision and homework tests

  • Pick the equations or topic.
  • Review the questions and save.
  • Students do the test on their app.
  • See the results and analysis.
  • Plan future revision accordingly!

Perfect for revision programmes and homework


How it works

The welcome screen lists your groups and the tests you have set for them.

It shows the number of completed tests and the average score. Tap on a test to see more analysis.

There are individual and group summaries and question level analysis.

Standardised scores help to compare results more meaningfully.

Tap on a student or question to see their calculations and answers.

Students have their own list of tests and their results with graphics to show skills.

They can look back over previous tests and review their answers.

Tests can be set based on a list of equations or a particular topics. The generated questions can be reviewed and changed.

Tests can be scheduled to start in the future so you can spread out revision over an extended period.

Do tests online - no app!

  • Students get full access to their tests.
  • No app required.
  • Same password-less authentication.

Student access:

Try for free:


Student details and information

Log-in is passwordless. Students and teachers use their email address to identify themselves.

If your school uses Microsoft, Google or Apple for their online email provider, they can login directly using their address. If not, a pin will be sent to the email address.

This means no passwords to manage and no wasted time with forgotten passwords. It uses the existing school ICT infrastructure.

For more information on privacy and data protection:

Information about loging in directly with Microsoft, Google or Apple: Open ID login

Import students details easily from a spreadsheet.

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Even better on tablet and PC screens

Show the list of question level results for each student.

Tap on a question to see their answer and better understand what they were thinking.

When creating a test, you can see a preview of the generated questions side by side.

Even more detailed view of results is available for tablets and desktops.

See trends over time for standardised scores, Independence and punctuality.

Tutorial Videos (Full list)

For teachers, setting test and digging into results.

For students, how to get started with Your School.

For students, how to get most from calculation questions