Installation Support

Using app-stores

Students can install the app using Apple, Google or Microsoft app stores. On school devices where these are available, this is the best (and usually only route).

The app was designed for students to use on their own devices. The Windows version is ideal for this and for Physics teachers to have it on their school computer.

*For security reason no IOS or Android versions of the app are provided outside of the app stores. In particular, any Android apk files obtained outside of the store are not secure.

Windows app - sandboxed and secured

The windows app uses Universal Windows Platform, UWP. So, the app is sandboxed and can only access a limited number of safe features and files allowed by Microsoft.

The app is signed and Microsoft authenticates it during the install. This is the safest and most secure framework for apps on windows at the moment.

Important: one of the security measures is the app is installed per-user, inside a users own space, not per-machine.

Installing without the app-store

The UWP format is secure and safe but unfortunately, in order to achieve this, it cannot be distributed packages into the MSI format.

If you need to use an msix installers, please contact support.

Other options for easier network installs are being explored.

Web Access, NO app

Students can access all of their tests without needing to install an app at

Currently, there are no features in the app which are applicable to teachers but a free preview is at