Getting School Link for 23 Equations

What is on offer

Purchasing for 23 Equations allows you to:

  • Register your GCSE students in School-Room
  • Setup groups and allocate teachers
  • Set tests for a group
  • Students can log-in to the app and take tests
  • Teachers can see results and analysis of tests

Purchases are for one exam season and cover all new question banks and updates.

Current purchases cover the 2023 Summer exams.

Student and teachers keep access to existing tests. Purchasing further exam seasons allows new tests to be set.

What tier to get?

Pick the tier that best fits how your school will use the app.

Tier User per year group
1. Small Schools around 50 or below
2. Small Schools around 100 per
3. Small Schools around 150 or above

Note: Please test deployment on your target devices and network to confirm it works before purchasing this add in.

Buying in the app

You can purchase School-Room access as an in-app purchase from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

Multiple schools per account: The app is designed to support this in the future but is not available at the moment. The recommended route is to have one account per school. Please contact if you have queries about this.

Purchase Now

Purchase here to using PayPal or credit-card.

The Account Admin email is the one you will use to log-in to the app.

This allows you to use a different PayPal account for the purchase.

Access to Your School, for your school, (All purchase now cover the 2023 exam season)