Admin Structure and Staff Roles

Account Structure

All staff and students are members of the account and of the school. Staff are also members of the department. Students are members of one of the cohorts.

Groups are assigned to a Cohort and to the Department. Only students from that cohort can be members of the group. One or more members of Staff is assigned as the teacher for a group.

Hierarchy of possible Staff Roles

Role Authorisations Notes
The Account Admin (one per account)
  1. Setups the School and School Encryption Key.
  2. All of the abilities below.
The only email accessible to 23 Equations so an important point of contact.
Admins (School or Account level)
  1. Add staff and assign them roles (eg as teachers of a group etc).
  2. Add students and assign them to cohorts or groups.
  3. Suspend and restore access to staff or students.
  4. All of the abilities below.
Currently, there is only one school per account so the only difference is that Account level admins can give others School level authorisation
Admins (Department level)
  1. Set up groups and assign students to them.
  2. Set the default exam specification for a group.
  3. Set tests for any group.
  4. All of the abilities below.
Currently, there is only one department per school.
  1. Assign tests to their groups.
  2. View tests from any group associated with the department.
  3. See names of all students (provided they know the School Encryption Key).

Possible student access types

Type Authorisations Notes
  1. See tests assigned to their group by teachers.
  2. See the names of staff (Best practice is to use initials only for staff).
  3. See their previous answers and marks given for each test.
  4. All of the abilities available to an Individual.
Students are members of a school account.
  1. See their previous self initiated quizzes games and tests.
  2. Download and schedule Revision Programmes.
  3. Repeat tests they have taken, with new values to provide fresh challenge.
Someone who has paid access to the "Extra" features of the app themselves, not via a school.

How to assign groups and set roles

Admins can be set from the groups lists in the Admin area.