Learning Equations

The app works a like a pack of index cards. Tap on a section to expand it. There are word and symbol version and information about units, including common alternatives.

Tap a variable and the equation will rearrange to make it the subject. Expand the view and step backwards and forwards using the arrow buttons.

Hit the Q button to get rapid quiz questions. The difficulty adjusts itself automatically or set yourself using the + and - buttons. Turn on game to test yourself against the clock

Select the equations you want to focus on. Pick a particular topic or create your own list using emoji labels. Sort the cards according to your scores or set your own star rating.


Using Equations

A constant stream of questions, you pick the topic and the difficulty level. Use the built in physics calculator and units keyboard to enter your answer and get instant marking feedback.

You can just enter the answer directly or at any point, get a hand with identifying variables, manipulating equations or dealing with units. The Independence score lets you measure your progress.

The question are generated by models, so they don't repeat. If you need a hand, you can see a step-by-step example answer to a similar question. And, if you get a question wrong, you can see a model answer and then have another go at a similar one.

Then you can take a test. Get feedback at the end, review what you did and see model answers.

Calculation questions:

How it helps to get you doing calculations independently

  • Unlimited questions, different each time.
  • Instant marking.
  • Need a hand? Help at every step.
  • New type of question? See an example.
  • Not sure why you got it wrong? See a model answer.
  • Check you've got the idea? Try a similar question to make sure!

Your School

Teachers, set calculation tests for homework and revision!


Like Flash Cards

Use the app like a pack of flash cards. Organise the cards into groups using emoji, sort and prioritise using your star rating and write notes about things you want to remember.

Pick your exam so the equations match your exam board specifications and textbooks. Correct lists for GCSE and IGCSE, separate and combined, higher or foundation.

The activity button shows an overview of your progress. See how much time you spent on quizes and questions and how your accuracy and the difficulty changed over the last days or weeks.

The notification bell lets you go back to review questions and link to information about them. Use the menu has a night mode switch and a stand-alone physics calculator. There are setting to turn off "x" sign in symbol equations and reset zoom settings

Tutorial Videos (Full list)

Features overview, using for revision like a card deck.

How to answer and get most out of calculation questions.