Learn your GCSE Physics equations ...wherever you are!

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  • Upgrade to get all Extras (even if your school hasn't signed up).
  • Extra questions and new features like the Spider Models (see below).

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Wow! Spider Models

  • A new visualisation of the connections between equations and variables in the question.
  • Uses the underlying physics models that are used to generate questions.
  • For example questions and model answers.
  • Alternate between this and view and a more traditional written answer.
  • Available for schools that have a Your School account for their students.

What is 23 Equations?

It's an interactive pack of revision cards for the GCSE Physics equations and their units.

Learn the equations, symbols and units. Explore rearranging and changing units.

It's a way to quiz your memory and understanding of units. Always near, ready for any spare moment.

Take tests to measure improvement and focus on particular equations or topics.

It's a question generator, based on models so each question can have unique values.

The models can make similar questions to show examples and model answer to help at any point.

You can ask for a similar question to try again if you get one wrong to test your learning.

With an account for your school, teachers can set tests for students

Students get access to a growing bank of questions, spider models and can do the tests on-line.

Watch Tutorial Videos (Full list)

Features overview, using for revision like a card deck.

How to answer and get most out of calculation questions.