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It's like your own pack of index cards always with you.

Test yourself

Do practice questions to fix them in your memory, then test yourself against the clock.

Stay on track

Keep track of how you are doing and focus on certain topics.

Rearrange any of the equations

Make sure you can rearrange any of the equations. Tap on the parts to rearrange them, rewind to see how it was done, step by step.

Learn about the units

Make sure you know the units for each part of the equation, including common alternatives


Try out questions to see if you have memorised the equation. Come back again later to revise. As you get better, the questions get harder but you can adjust the difficulty yourself if you want.

But how good are you!

Try game mode. Answer 10 questions to see how fast and accurate you are. Can you beat your best score?

Keep track of how you are doing

Keep track of how you are improving and make sure you are checking back on them regularly as you get closer to the exams!

Focus on what you need

You can pick the exam you are taking and then narrow down to just the equations for your current topic. And switch to night-mode to ease your eyes.

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