Exercising your data protection rights

Requesting actions in relation to Your Individual Rights under GDPR

Your rights and how they are enacted are detailed in the privacy policy.

The points of contact for exercising these rights will depend on how your account was created

Details of exactly what is stored and how are show in the Data Protection Risk Assessment document.

In summary, for individual purchasers, the only possible link to you personally is through the anonymous Puchase Id provided by you app store. For account provided via your school, the only person data stored is your name which is encrypted by a key only known to your teachers and your email which is one-way encrypted so it cannot be decrypted.

For Students with accounts provided by school

Your school is, according to GDPR law the Data Controller and 23Equations is a Data Processor.

This means that your school should be the first point of contact to exercise your GDPR rights.

You can also contact 23Equations directly (contact@23equations.com). Using the email address linked to your school account will help to authenticate you.

If you are unable to use the school email address, you can use the "Authenticate To Server" features detailed below.

For individuals who purchased the "Extra" features

You should contact 23Equations directly (contact@23equations.com). We do not have any record of your email address or any way to identify you so in order to authenticate yourself please use the "Authenticate To Server" features detailed below.

For schools

Please contact 23Equations directly (contact@23equations.com) from the admin email address for the School Account.

Authenticate To Server Feature

For individuals who purchase the "Extra" features, no names or email addresses are obtained at all. Only an anonymous Id from your app store is used to link to your account.

This means there is no data which could be used to identify you as an individual held on our servers.

You can use the "Authenticate To Server" feature to create a pin number which you use when you contacting 23 Equations to allow us to identify your account and authenticate that you are the owner.

Access the "Authenticate To Server" feature by going to your account settings and then tapping on the "Authenticate To Server" button.

Make a note of the pin number as it is not stored anywhere on your device. If you forget it, you can just repeat this process to get a new one but it will be different.

You may also be requested to generate a new pin as part of the authentication procedure.